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Jason Larson

Ruidoso , New Mexico (United States)

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jhaston26 jhaston26 12jbrew12 12jbrew12
To net it out, poor communication and poor execution. Trade started 3/28 and agreed upon 3/30. I mailed mine out 3/31 with the understanding that he could not ship until the following Monday. That Monday I receive an update that he does not have the beer agreed to in the trade and cannot find it. To his credit he did recommend an agreeable alternative beer. This was ultimately shipped 4/6. 4/8 I was notified via UPS that the package he shipped was destroyed en route. I let him know. In the meantime, the package I sent could not be delivered to the address the trader provided. That took a week or so to figure out who needed to make what change and he picked up the package at the local UPS 4/13. On 4/17 after asking multiple times if he'd, in fact, picked up the package, he confirmed the package was picked up and "tomorrow I will getting your package ready a,d hopefully sending it as well ok." That was 17 days ago today (5/4). I'm assuming this trade is over at this point. Scant communication from the trader during the entire process. I think this was an early trade for him, but I do see another completed trade and a 5* on feedback. Perhaps this is an anomaly. I'm happy to work with anyone on a trade, but there needs to be a little "back and forth" on communication..
wshx wshx 12jbrew12 12jbrew12
Definitely glad everything worked out. Great trade! Love to do it again sometime. Thanks
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