Metazoa Brewing Co. | Indianapolis, IN

Micro Brewery
Metazoa Brewing Co. Untappd Rating: 3.714 / 35517
Beer Count: 329
Description: Metazoa Brewing Co. is a craft brewery in Indianapolis, IN that donates 5% of its profits to animal and wildlife organizations. The idea began by uniting two simple passions: crafting delicious beer and helping animals. Founder Dave Worthington wanted to make a big impact for the animal sanctuaries he always supported. An avid craft beer fan and home brewer himself, he decided to help animals through craft beer. As passionate and thirsty individuals joined the Metazoa team, the brewery came to life. From satisfying, familiar styles to quirky, experimental one-offs, Metazoa has a beer to delight every animal lover, beer novice, and brewing expert.
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