Coopers | Regency Park, South Australia

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Coopers Untappd Rating: 3.295 / 196191
Beer Count: 61
Description: WHAT WOULD A COBBLER, STONEMASON OR DAIRYMAN KNOW ABOUT BREWING BEER? The Coopers Beer story began in a newly established colony with a brilliant accident. After turning his hand to a number of trades, Thomas Cooper discovered his talent as a brewer by accident; when he created his first batch of beer as a tonic for his ailing wife Ann. That day in 1862, was the start of an amazing journey. South Australia was only 26 years old and, although there were a number of well-established breweries, most settlers preferred to drink imported beer from the mother country rather than colonial beer. Thomas Cooper saw the opportunity to create a beer that was free from the ‘peculiar flavour’ of colonial ales – he would introduce an all-natural beer from the very best ingredients. Over 150 years, Coopers has survived economic recessions, wars, government imposts, changing fashions, and a hostile takeover bid. Today, Coopers stands proudly as the sole major brewer 100% owned by Australians, and holds over 5% of the Australian beer market. The descendants of Thomas Cooper still run the brewery, and it's an everyday occurrence to meet a Cooper at Regency Park. So rest assured, Coopers Brewery is in the hands of those who have the same values as Thomas Cooper. Successive Coopers have never lost sight of Thomas’ vision of providing value and quality in the form of healthy beer for an appreciative public, and we intend to continue that tradition.
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