Albus Stout | Trenčiansky pivovar Lanius

ABV: 10.0%
Style: Stout - Imperial / Double White
Albus Stout Untappd Rating: 3.36364 / 11
Actively Produced
Description: In 2007 the BrewDog was founded by two punks and one dog, frustrated with the quality of commercially brewed beer. Thanks to their great attitude towards brewing, they made their way from selling bottles off a trunk of a rusty van into the fastest growing craft brewery in Scotland. Their success originates in pushing the boundaries of the world of beer, examples of which include the End Of History, a frozen-destilled 55% ABV beer issued in 12 bottles stitched inside the bodies of squirrels and stoats, the Ghost Deer, at 28% ABV being the strongest fermented beer ever made, which was on tap for only one day in Edinburgh, the faucet being a deer head; or the My Name is Vladimir, an Imperial IPA with a grotesque caricature of Vladimir Putin. We took for the challenge their April fool's day 2010 joke named Luciferin Golden Imperial Stout. The absolutely black colour is next to its chocolate coffee taste typical for Stout. This BrewDog's Stout was pale, yet in taste it remained a true Stout! We handily stood up to this uneasy challenge and the reached effect is perfect! Close your eyes and feel the full chocolate and coffee aromas. You shall not believe it is not a dark Stout, but a pale beer instead. We achieved the chocolate taste by a considerable amount of cocoa beans and the coffee aroma was granted by several kilograms of Lavazza coffee. Both of these ingredients contain a lot of caffeine, so it is not suitable for children and breast-feeding mothers!
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