Rebelse Strop | Brouwerij Roman

ABV: 6.9%
IBU: 33
Style: Brett Beer
Rebelse Strop Untappd Rating: 3.40962 / 2105
Actively Produced
Description: While Rebelse Strop is strongly related to its big brother, Gentse Strop, it certainly has its own character. That’s because in the brewing process we use an unruly ingredient: Brett yeast. This wild species of yeast has a rather rebellious temperament. Brett leads its own life and causes the taste of the beer to keep developing long after bottling. It’s a yeast unto itself, that stubbornly does its own thing. And that’s why we’ve christened this beer “Rebelse Strop” (rebellious noose). Golden blond just like its brother, with an intractable character, Rebelse Strop is a head-strong beer that makes quite an impression. Drink it with respect, and savour every moment!
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